As so often it happens in life, Steve never meant to be a restaurant owner.  However, that's exactly what happened.  He had been a farmer, rancher, and surveyor.  His love of cattle and especially horses were his obsession in life, but there was a new passion on the horizon.

     In the late 1970's, Steve acquired the Topsfield Lodge.  It quickly became the premier restaurant in the area.  It was the leading destination for holidays, anniversaries, and all special occasions.  Sometimes that special occasion was simply to enjoy stellar cuisine "just because".

     After he married Madelyn in 1983, together, they took over the entire operation.  With Madelyn's touch they took the restaurant to a whole new level.  Madelyn was a leading light in both the success of the business and in Steve's life.

     Steve has always done things his own way, always.  Over the years, he tried many different techniques and has always purchased the best cuts of beef.  All steaks are cut to order, always fresh and never frozen.  The steaks are definitely the basis for the austere reputation, however, Steve's Steakhouse features a myriad of seafood entrees, specialty salads and unique dessert offerings.

     As retirement approached, the logical choice was to hand the reins over to his youngest daughter, Katie.  She has been around the restaurant all of her life and keeps the same ethics that Steve set in place all those years ago.  She uses many of the same recipes and techniques to offer the best possible steaks and seafood.

     Katie, too, never expected to be a restaurant owner, but as so often it happens in life, that's what happened.